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John Kiriakou speaks to large crowds in North Carolina

0168 Kiriakou Crabtree_Markatos
David Crabtree (right) conducts “newsmaker” interview with John Kiriakou at UNC’s Carroll Hall on Oct. 27, 2015. Photo © Jerry Markatos.

North Carolina was ready for the message about truth, fear, and torture that whistleblower John Kiriakou brought on his five-city tour.

Over 100 people attended a gathering with the former CIA officer at UNC’s Carroll Hall on October 27.  Mr. Kiriakou explained how he came to confirm the CIA’s use of illegal torture on detainees, and how the U.S. government retaliated against him.   The crowd was treated to a high-quality give-and-take between Mr. Kiriakou and award-winning WRAL journalist David Crabtree.  The event was sponsored by the UNC School of Law Human Rights Policy Lab, the  Center for Media Law & Policy, Center for Media Law and Policy; Peace, War, and Defense; Center for Global Initiatives; and NC Stop Torture Now.
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CIA whistleblower to visit North Carolina

Former CIA officer John Kiriakou was prosecuted by the Obama administration under the first world war-era Espionage Act. Photograph by Cliff Owen/AP in the Guardian.

The only ex-CIA officer to suffer consequences for the U.S. torture program comes to North Carolina Oct. 27-29, 2015.

John Kiriakou is a former high-ranking CIA counter-terrorism officer and the first U.S. official to confirm the CIA was torturing its detainees by waterboarding them. As a whistleblower, Mr. Kiriakou served nearly two years in a Federal correctional facility.   Read more of Mr. Kiriakou’s story at his website or here.

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